November 16 and 17, 2021 | Free Virtual Conference

Building Community in a Virtual-First World

Connect with a worldwide community of

developers and product leaders to discover

how to build engaging Virtual Spaces that

create authentic, online communities.


Why Attend

Two Days. Two Tracks. Connect With Leading Engineering and Product Leaders. Learn How to Build Engaging Virtual Spaces.

PubNub Connect is a two day, virtual conference organized by PubNub that aims to discuss all things Virtual Spaces: what they are, why they’re essential to create virtual communities, and best practices for building them in your app or platform.

Connect centers around keynotes, sessions, demos, and tutorials where you can learn how to build engaging in-app experiences—like chat, Presence, notifications, and geolocation—from engineering and product leaders of Pandora, FORTË, Web Summit, and more. Those who attend Connect will have the exclusive opportunity to preview and demo PubNub’s 2021 product releases and offerings for our Virtual Spaces solution.

Why Attend


Opening Remarks: What are Virtual Spaces

Delivered by: Todd Greene, CEO & Founder, PubNub


Panel: How to Build Genuine Relationships: Virtually

Moderated by: Hannah Dennison-Borja, Head of Content, PubNub


Panel: How Fitness Transformed to Meet the Demands of COVID-19

Moderated by: Mathew Jenkinson, Director of Sales Engineering, PubNub


Summit Keynote

Delivered by: Tatyana Mamut


Session: Considerations when Building Virtual Spaces

Presented by: Miheer Walavalkar, CEO of LiveLike


Session: PubNub’s Product Roadmap for Virtual Spaces

Presented by: JP Shipherd, Vice President of Product, PubNub


Closing Remarks

Delivered by: Todd Greene, CEO & Founder, PubNub

8:15 am PST - 9:00 am PST —

Technical Panel: How Community-First Companies Have Built Their Virtual Spaces

In this panel, learn how community-first companies have built the Virtual Spaces in their app: their motivations for building, challenges they faced along the way, and what specific features they choose to build and why. This session will include practical discussions and demos of how they built their Virtual Spaces and is essential for any developer looking to build out engaging, virtual experiences in their apps as well.

9:00 am PST - 9:45 am PST —

Keynote: PubNub’s Product Roadmap for Virtual Spaces

Up until this point at the PubNub Connect Summit, you’ve had sneak peaks here and there of our product offerings for Virtual Spaces. Now, join our Product and Engineering teams as they unveil our complete product overview for Virtual Spaces and announce our upcoming releases for the remainder of 2021 and for 2022. You’ll hear from our Beta customers and see live demos of all our new releases—this is a session you do not want to miss.

10:00 am PST - 1:00 pm PST —

Breakout Sessions

The remainder of the PubNub Connect Summit will focus on hands-on demos and trainings for developers to learn how to best use and implement our new product releases for Virtual Spaces. These sessions will be split into two tracks: “Build” and “Expand”.

The Build Track is designed for those that are starting or considering building Virtual Spaces. This track will focus mostly on the basics components of a Virtual Space and have ample open Q&A opportunities.

The Expand Track is meant for those that already have Virtual Spaces and are looking for ways to further enhance them. This track will center around more complex features and opportunities for customization.

Build Track – For those starting or considering building Virtual Spaces

10:00 am PST - 11:00 am PST —

FAQs and Q&A With Our Solutions Architect Team

In this interactive session, join our lead Solutions Architect and developer advocate as they discuss frequently asked questions from new-to-PubNub developers, like best practices and how to leverage our platform for customization and scalability in your app. Don’t forget to come with your own questions!

11:00 am PST - 12:00 pm PST —

Introduction to Chat Components

This hands-on tutorial session will show you just how impactful our new Components are by walking you through how to build an entire chat app with them in just one hour. By the end of the session, you will have a complete, feature-rich chat that’s ready for you to plug in to your very own Virtual Space.

12:00 pm PST - 1:00 pm PST —

How to Upgrade Your Chat With IoT

Now that you’ve built out your very own chat with PubNub in the previous session, see how you can take it one step further by incorporating outside data through a series of open APIs. This session will provide an overview for how you can build off of chat to create truly engaging Virtual Spaces in your app.

Explore Track – For those looking to enhance their current Virtual Spaces

10:00 am PST - 11:00 am PST —

Profanity and Content Filtration with PubNub’s Moderation Dashboards

In this tutorial session, we’ll give you an in-depth introduction to one of our new product releases: our open-source Moderation Dashboard. By the end of the hour, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how to properly implement granular user controls from a single dashboard that allows you to manage and moderate how users behave in your chat.

11:00 am PST - 12:00 pm PST —

Enhancing Your Virtual Spaces with PubNub’s Library of Integrations

From Reddit Awards to Twitch Bits, the way users often engage with and celebrate in Virtual Spaces is through a payment method. In this session, you will learn how to implement and leverage our Stripe Integration to create your very own custom, in-app awards and how to connect them to a payment method to reward your users while generating revenue.

12:00 pm PST - 1:00 pm PST —

Event Actions: Build Message, User, and Channel-Based Interactions.

This technical session will introduce you to our new Events and Actions feature, which allows you to configure specific webhooks, queues, or functions against listeners responding to Messages, Users, and channels. This session will show you how easy it is to add extra functionality to your messages.

1:00 pm PST - 1:45 pm PST —

Developer Awards and Closing Remarks

November 16 and 17, 2021

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Virtual Spaces are a collection of in-app features that allow communities to connect in real-time from anywhere in the world—whether that’s a patient messaging their doctor or a group of players chatting in game. Virtual Spaces augment, not replace, in-person interactions. They aim to create online places where people can engage with each other just as authentically as they could face-to-face. PubNub does not build Virtual Spaces, rather we give our customers a developer platform where they can create the features they need to power their Virtual Spaces where their users can connect.